nightlife security

As a fully licensed, bonded and insured corporation Heightened Security leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the safety and integrity of your establishment and guests.

Security requirements in the nightlife industry have changed tremendously over the last decade. Security threats have evolved and become more difficult to identify, while liability for consumer safety is on the rise. It is imperative that security personnel use balanced judgment when dealing with sensitive security incidents. HSI has an experienced staff that is trained to make these judgment calls and to handle security threats in a manner that protects your employees, consumers and, most importantly, your reputation.
Our client-oriented approach ensures our guards meet all the standards of your establishment and are aware of all your specific house policies. Attention to detail, patron relations, diplomacy and discretion all contribute to our flawless record of customer service. We also make it a point to maintain relationships with your local precincts and task forces to ensure the most effective and discreet resolutions to all situations.

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