executive protection

HSI emphasizes professionalism, discretion, and privacy when dealing with VIP security services.

Security is a top concern of virtually every business owner and celebrity. We routinely work with high profile clients including celebrities, corporate VIPs, and dignitaries. Our reputation has landed us a variety of recurring VIP clients. Our approach to personal protection allows us to accommodate the special needs of our clients while maintaining the highest level of security. Our specialists will discuss specific requirements and threats before customizing a security plan. As a client of Heightened Security, you will have access to a highly experienced pool of investigative and security professionals, many of who have worked at prestigious government and law enforcement agencies. Our specialists average more than 15 years of experience in the law enforcement and security fields.
Being discreet and inconspicuous is crucial to minimize distractions and unwanted attention. Our agents make the maximum effort to create an environment that makes clients feel comfortable and secure while they are away from home. Heightened Security understands that a seamless and comfortable environment is paramount to maximizing productivity. We will secure your assets so you can focus on core business.
Heightened provides comprehensive security solutions including:
• Electronic weapons screening
• Crowd/Press control
• Protection of equipment and merchandise
• Emergency evacuation planning
The unique combination of our seasoned, professional protection teams and our service-oriented company ideology makes Heightened Security the natural choice for executive protection and elite professional services.

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