special events

HSI understands that special events are an investment of signifcant time and resources.

Whether your event is planned for a private, corporate, or public setting, the need for courteous and professional security staff remains the same. HSI has the expertise to ensure the smooth execution of any special event. HSI event specialists work with one goal in mind: to protect your investment. Our employees have an excellent record of customer service that highlights attention to detail, patron relations, diplomacy and discretion.
We understand that our employees are a visible representation of your organization. From planning to implementation, it is our business to address all client-related security concerns. We conduct on-site security evaluations and work with planners to identify security risks and develop tailored protection strategies. Our event specialists are also available for logistical services including permit acquisitions, equipment rental, transportation services, and parking coordination.
Our seasoned staff is professionally trained to provide:
• Electronic weapons screening
• Crowd/Press control
• Nightlife
• Protection of equipment and merchandise
• Emergency evacuation planning

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