corporate security

There is no business decision more important than protecting an organization’s people, resources, and property.

Heightened understands that security officers are often the frontline of your business. Our guards are hand-selected to fit the culture of your establishment. In order to exceed expectations, we believe our guards must excel in consistent and professional interactions with everyone they encounter. We also believe that corporate security should be rooted in customer service and every interaction between a guard and patron should yield a positive result. For our clients, the benefits of this approach are tangible. Businesses that rise to the challenge of securing their environments in a more integrated way are better placed to protect critical assets and reputations, reduce costs, and deliver a better experience for the people they employ and serve.
Whether you require one guard or 200 contracted uniformed plainclothes officers, Heightened is the one to call. Our thoroughly screened and trained guards are provided to man on-site stationary posts and foot patrols, undercover and other investigative operations.
We also utilize state of the art guard monitoring software to ensure the efficiency and consistency of our guards. We can easily verify that our guards are visiting all assigned checkpoints within a suitable amount of time. We are alerted of any discrepancy so we can continuously improve our effectiveness. If a guard does not sign in, a supervisor is immediately notified and can instantly instate scheduling changes. Within access to real-time attendance, we can ensure your company is always wholly secure. Because we are locally owned and operated, you can be confident that whenever the need arises, our response will be immediate and thorough.

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